RGNCY-0041 (PIK-III, VPS34 inhibitor )

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PIK-III is a selective inhibitor of VPS34 that binds a unique hydrophobic pocket not present in related kinases such as PI(3)Kα. PIK-III acutely inhibits autophagy and de novo lipidation of LC3, and leads to the stabilization of autophagy substrates.  VPS34 IC50 = 0.018μM.


Systematic Name: 4'-(cyclopropylmethyl)-N2-(pyridin-4-yl)-[4,5'-bipyrimidine]-2,2'-diamine

Molecular Weight: 319.37

Formula: C17H17N7

PMID: 25327288

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Tags: Kinase, PIK, VPS34, autophagy, PIK-III, RGNCY-0041, LC3, Lipidation