RGAB-001 (SgK269/PEAK1 Y1188)

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Phosphospecific polyclonal antibody against SgK269/PEAK1 Y1188.

SgK269 is a pseudokinase scaffold that plays a key role in determining the qualitative output of EGFR signalling, mediating a switch from pathways regulating proliferation/survival to those regulating cell morphology and invasion. It  appears to play an important role in cell migration on fibronectin. SgK269 may also affect phosphorylation levels of of MAPK1/ERK and PXN. It also represents a breast cancer oncogene.

Croucher, David R., et al. "Involvement of Lyn and the atypical kinase SgK269/PEAK1 in a basal breast cancer signaling pathway." Cancer research 73.6 (2013): 1969-1980.

Phosphosite.org Ref.: 2204

Uniprot.org Ref.: Q9H792

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