Previously listed products

Looking for reagents previously submitted by the Reagency community? All the products we've ever listed that are no longer active (not open for on-line purchase) on the site are listed here.  Please select the compound file you are interested in to check if we have any in stock.   If you see something here you're interested in, get in touch with us at

RGNCY-0001 (GS9620)
RGNCY-0002 (Euodenine A Derivative)
RGNCY-0003 (TLR7-8 inhibitor)
RGNCY-0004 (TLR8 Inhibitor)
RGNCY-0005 (BMS903452, GPR119 agonist)
RGNCY-0006 (V116517)
RGNCY-0007 (BMS819881)
RGNCY-0008 (NAMPT Inhibitor)
RGNCY-0009 (CDK2-4 Inhibitor)
RGNCY-0010 (GPR103 Antagonist)
RGNCY-0011 (GPR35 Agonist)
RGNCY-0012 (CD532)
RGNCY-0014 (JAK2 Inhibitor)       
RGNCY-0015 (CPD5 - MPS-TTK Inhibitor)            
RGNCY-0016 (OTS964 - TOPK Inhibitor)
RGNCY-0017 (SGSM41 - Secretase Modulator)
RGNCY-0018 (Tau phosphorylation & B-amyloid aggregation Inhibitor)
RGNCY-0019 (VUO467154 - M4 Receptor Agonist)
RGNCY-0020 (JNJ-40255293 Adenosine A2AA1 Antagonist)
RGNCY-0021 (ITH12410-SC058 Neuroprotective)        
RGNCY-0024 (HPA-12)
RGNCY-0025 (AZD3147)
RGNCY-0026 (AZD6642)
RGNCY-0027 ((S)-14K)
RGNCY-0028 (AZD8186)
RGNCY-0035 (ALK Inhibitor)
RGNCY-0040 (CD4 ARK)
RGNCY-0043 (YH249, p300/β-catenin antagonist)                
RGNCY-0044 (TBTC RXR alpha agonist )
RGNCY-0045 (LDDN-0003499 Src inhibitor)
RGNCY-0046 (AUTEN-67 MTMR14 inhibitor)
RGNCY-0047 (HYPOX-3 Hypoxia probe )    
RGNCY-0048 (PKC-9, PKC-zeta inhibitor )      
RGNCY-0049 (RK-20449 HCK inhibitor)
RGNCY-0050 ((S)-27 Wnt inhibitor)
RGNCY-0051 (DDRI-9 DNA damage response inhibitor)
RGNCY-0052 (SCB4380 PTPRZ inhibitor)
RGNCY-0053 (Transtinib EGFR-TK inhibitor)
RGNCY-0054 (CPUY201112 HSP90 inhibitor)
RGNCY-0055 (SR31527 KIFC1 inhibitor)
RGNCY-0056 (ON123300 Multikinase inhibitor)
RGNCY-0057 (PRLX-93936 Erastin analogue)
RGNCY-0059 (NUCC-390 CXCR4 agonist)
RGNCY-0060 (MS0 NAMPT inhibitor)
RGNCY-0061 (CM-414 HDAc and PDE5 inhibitor)
RGNCY-0062 (2AU-2 r(AUUCU) target)
RGNCY-0063 (SNU-BP PPAR-γ agonist)
RGNCY-0064 (NASTRp (CREB)-CREB CBP inhibitor) 
RGNCY-0067 (16ae BRD4/HDAC inhibitor)
RGNCY-0068 (38u AEP inhibitor)
RGNCY-0069 (BHX Wnt/β-catenin inhibitor)
RGNCY-0071 (9# Jak2 inhibitor)
RGNCY-0072 (R916562 Axl/VEGF-R2 inhibitor)
RGNCY-0073 (PI-273 PI4KIIα inhibitor)
RGNCY-0074 (Sembragiline MAO-B inhibitor)      
RGNCY-0075 (CAD-31 neuroprotector)     
RGNCY-0076 (10 T-type channel inhibitor)                         
RGNCY-0077 (1a PPARϒ agonist PPARδ anatgonist)
RGNCY-0078 (8e LRRK2 inhibitor)
RGNCY-0080 (RU.521 cGAS inhibitor)
RGNCY-0081 (WW437 HDACs-EphA2 inhibitor)
RGNCY-0082 (Compound 13 Methuosis inducer)
RGNCY-0083 (35 Dual HDAC NAMPT inhibitor)
RGNCY-0084 (35G8 PDI inhibitor)
RGNCY-0085 (9c HDAC6 degrader)
RGNCY-0086 (DC_G16-11 GCN5 inhibitor )
RGNCY-0087 (3144 Pan-Ras inhibitor)
RGNCY-0089 (TAS6417 EGFR Inhibitor)
RGNCY-0090 (ULK-101 Autophagy inhibitor)
RGNCY-0092 (FTPI SYT-SSX1 inhibitor)
RGNCY-0093 (Compound 15a p53-MDM2 inhibitor)
RGNCY-0094 (S130 ATG4B inhibitor)
RGNCY-0095 (NCO-141 SIRT2 inhibitor)
RGNCY-0096 (CS-11 PP2A–β-Catenin inhibitor)
RGNCY-0097 (M36 p32 inhibitor)
RGNCY-0098 (VERU-111 βIII/βIV-tubulin inhibitor)
RGNCY-0099 (6-MOIPP microtubule inhibitor)
RGNCY-0100 (AS2676293 RANKL inhibitor)
RGNCY-0101 (Compound 4 PDK inhibitor)
RGNCY-0102 (SLLN-15 Autophagy inducer)
RGNCY-0103 (PK68 RIPK1 inhibitor)
RGNCY-0104 (Roxyl-ZV-5J dual CDK4/VEGFR2 inhibitor)
RGNCY-0105 (TCB CaMKIIgamma inhibitor)
RGNCY-0106 (RIN1 RBPJ inhibitor)
RGNCY-0107 (PDZ1i MDA-9/Syntenin PDZ1 inhibitor)
RGNCY-0108 (SR18662 KLF5 inhibitor)
RGNCY-0109 (GSK3145095 RIP1 Kinase inhibitor)
RGNCY-0110 (PD26-TL07 STAT3 inhibitor)
RGNCY-0111 (ETS (IMMLG-537 ) LAPTM4B-35 inhibitor)
RGNCY-0112 (A-1592668 CDK9 inhibitor)
RGNCY-0113 (AC-73 CD147 inhibitor )
RGNCY-0114 (LW106 IDO1 inhibitor)
RGNCY-0115 (Mortaparib mortalin/PARP1 inhibitor)
RGNCY-0116 (CA3 YAP1 inhibitor)
RGNCY-0117 (RA306 CaMKII inhibitor)
RGNCY-0118 (MC2494 pan SIRT inhibitor)
RGNCY-0119 (ECPU-0001 BCL-2 inhibitor)
RGNCY-0120 (PAWI-2 tumor inhibitor)
RGNCY-0121 (W934 PI3K/Akt inhibitor)
RGNCY-0122 (6Br-6a STAT3 inhibitor)
RGNCY-0123 (FCY-302 Apoptosis inducer)
RGNCY-0124 (Compound 12 HPV E6-p53 inhibitor)
RGNCY-0125 (S-40 Tubulin inhibitor a)
RGNCY-0126 (WG-449E TGF-Beta inhibitor)
RGNCY-0127 (8430 SIX1/EYA2 complex inhibitor )
RGNCY-0128 (Compound 15 PARP/PI3K inhibitor )
RGNCY0129 (Compound 4h MARK4 inhibitor)
RGNCY-0130 (JMV5884 CDK5 inhibitor)
RGNCY-0131 (MEQ SeRS activator/VEGFA repressor)
RGAB-002 (SgK223/Pragmin Y411)                                       
RGAB-003 (hnRNPK/Y323)
RGAB-004 (hnRNPH1/Y266)
RGAB-005 (SF3B1 Y70)

Download the complete list of user submitted Reagency compounds (no longer active) in .sdf format here.
Download the .sdf for the current batch of active Reagency compounds here.