RGAB-004 (hnRNPH1/Y266)

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Phosphospecific polyclonal  antibody against hnRNPH1/Y266

hnRNPH1 is a part of the heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein (hnRNP) complexes which are critical for the processing of pre-mRNAs before they are able to function as translatable mRNAs. The hnRNPs regulate mRNA metabolism, including stability and splicing. Several hnRNPs, including hnRNPH1, regulate the differential splicing of particular oncogenes and hence their transforming potential.

Paul, Sharan, et al. "Interaction of musleblind, CUG‐BP1 and hnRNP H proteins in DM1‐associated aberrant IR splicing." The EMBO journal 25.18 (2006): 4271-4283.

Phosphosite.org Ref.: 4147

Uniprot.org Ref.: P31943

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