RGNCY-0001 (GS9620, TLR7 agonist)

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GS-9620 is a potent (3nM) and selective Pteridinone based agonist of TLR7 suitable for oral dosing. GS-9620 is currently undergoing clinical evaluation for the treatment of chronic HBV infection.


Systematic Name: 4-amino-2-butoxy-8-(3-(pyrrolidin-1-ylmethyl)benzyl)-7,8-dihydropteridin-6(5H)-one

Formula: C22H30N6O2

Molecular Weight: 410.51

PMID: 23961878

Reference: Roethle, Paul A., et al. "Identification and optimization of pteridinone toll-like receptor 7 (TLR7) agonists for the oral treatment of viral hepatitis." Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 56.18 (2013): 7324-7333.

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