RGNCY-0004 (TLR8 Inhibitor)

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This TLR8 agonist (Ec50 = 1.6uM) displayed prominent proinflammatory cytokine induction but devoid of Interferon inducing properties, highlighting its high selectivity for human TLR8.


Systematic Name:

Molecular Weight: 240.30

Reference: Kokatla, Hari Prasad, et al. "Exquisite Selectivity for Human Toll-Like Receptor 8 in Substituted Furo [2, 3-c] quinolines." Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 56.17 (2013):6871 -6885.

Formula: C15H16N2O

PMID: 23899291

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Tags: TLR8, RGNCY-0004, cytokine