RGNCY-0128 (Compound 15 PARP/PI3K inhibitor )

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Compound 15 is a novel potent dual PARP/PI3K inhibitor.  Compound 15 effectively inhibits PARP-1/2 and PI3K-alpha/delta with antiprolferative effects against both BRCA-deficient and BRCA-proficient cancer cells in cellular assays.  Compound 15 was shown to have a greater in vivo anti-tumor efficacy than the drug combination of Olaparib and BKM120 in the MDA-MB-468 xenograft mouse model with 74% inhibition without observable toxicity.  These data suggest that compound 15 is a potent dual PARP/PI3K inhibitor and may be an effective anti-cancer treatment.

Systematic Name:  N-(4-ethyl-3-(morpholinosulfonyl)phenyl)-3-(1H-pyrrol-1-yl)benzamide


Formula:   C23H25N3O4S

Mol Wt: 439.53

Tags: Cancer, PI3K, small molecule, Compound 15, RGNCY-0128, PARP, PARP/PI3K, MDA-MB-468